Download files uploaded by Dispatch 2

I just bought Despatch 2 as it allows me to Upload files to share, how though can visitors see what is there and download them?

If I remember right, Dispatch is mainly for uploading. Not for sharing. I may be wrong since it’s been awhile (years) since I used Dispatch.

You might want to also consider @instacks Repository stack. Makes it super simple to upload and share.


Thanks, it seems I wasted my money on Dispatch 2 sadly

Well, not necessarily. Lesson learned will make you wiser, hopefully—never buy anything before doing some kind of research. This forum is the place where people ask for advice before as well as after a purchase.

Dispatch is purely for uploading files. It was a lot of really great features for uploading not seen in any other add-on.

If you want a way to generate download links to all files uploaded by Dispatch, I do have a stack called X-Ray. It is a very simple stack. It generates a simple list a links to all files inside of a folder.

@jwDave It may help to explain a bit more about what you are trying to accomplish in specifics. Then we can provide better advice. For displaying uploaded files the best option might be Paperless:

I teach courses where I have students upload “stuff” and also download their shared materials. I find Repository perfect for this. See:

Repository also displays files. And you can create several folders of materials with it so things are nicely organized. But I’m guessing at what’s a best fit for you as I don’t know clearly enough what you are trying to accomplish.

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Thanks for all the feedback, very helpful and enlightening.

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