Plugin for large file transfers

(Andy Moose Dude) #1

I need a plugin (Stacks or non) that will allow clients to upload files to me.
I’ve been messing around with WeaverFM and am still trying to figure it out but wanted to see if anyone had some other recommendations.
Yuzool’s Collect looks sleek but doesn’t seem to have some of the features I’m looking for.

(Stuart) #2


Would it be possible to articulate what features you actually are looking for? It seems a trifle unfair to single out one stack as having been dismissed due to not having some of the features you need without actually stating what they are.

What are your requirements?

(Brad Halstead) #3

The Collect stack would work awesome with either Locked Widget or Members Widget by Yuzoolthemes…

But, as @kryten said, without knowing the requirements or perceived missing features, hard to build a better stack or to maybe show you some more options…


(Andy Moose Dude) #4

login, notification of upload (for me/administrator), link to download new file (not super necessary), easy to use window for client.
WeaverFM is pretty much covering most of this except for the ‘ease of use window for client’.

(Brad Halstead) #5

Appreciate the feedback @zamboknee :raised_hand:

Login can be covered by Locked and/or Members widget…

Notification can be handled by email form with Collect Stack (to both admin and client)…

Not sure on the link for download(s) to admin via email, might be possible with the form referencing the Collect Stack uploads

Gives @yuzool something to work on :slight_smile:


(Peter Danckwerts) #6

I haven’t managed to integrate it with RW but CloudSend from Code Canyon is brilliant. I use it for transferring large files (currently up to 25 MB but it can handle greater) between myself and authors. It can send emails automatically and there are various ways to control access – set up user accounts, send access codes, limit number of downloads or restrict to time period.

(Rob Beattie) #7

@peterdanckwerts I don’t think CloudSend’s available any more. 8-(

(Andy Moose Dude) #8

anybody have experience with JoeWorkman’s plugin that does this?

(Peter Danckwerts) #9

Gosh, you’re right, @robbeattie. What a pity.

(Matthias Ficht) #10

As Turtle said the login could be made via Yuzools “Locked” Widget, or with Joes “Page Safe” stack. I’ve made best experience with “WeaverBox” by Chillidog Software:
With this plugin it’s possible to make uploads of unlimited size because of the file-chunking technique it’s using:
I’m using it on my own site for client uploads and it’s working flawlessly.

(Silas 'Shadow' skiá) #11

@joeworkman’s Dispatch stacks are great for this. I use the Dispatch server stack all the time.

You can get each of the three individually, but I would recommend getting the Dispatch Bundle

(Matthias Ficht) #12

@Shadow You’re right, these stacks from Joe are excellent. But one could still run into the issue that the file size one can upload is limited by the server (time limit). And with many hosting companies you are not allowed to change the server settings responsible for that. So the best method is file-chunking like WeaverBox does it: the plugin “cuts” the file in many small parts which can be uploaded without running into any server issues. Then - on the server - these parts are put together again, so that you have one large file again. This way I have already received files of some hundred megabytes without any issues.

(Andy Moose Dude) #13

Does WeaverFM do 'file-chunking ’ too?

(Matthias Ficht) #14

No, definitely not. My dream would be an updated (to the latest web-standards) combination of both WeaverFM and WeaverBox with a fresh, new interface. But currently I can only recommend WeaverBox for uploading large files. But we should never give up hope… :wink:

(Michael Frankland) #15

We now have “notification of upload (for me/administrator)” included in Collect 2.2 as of today thanks to @kryten :slight_smile:

(LJ) #16

I used Yuzools Collect Stack with Joe Workman’s X-Ray stack to make the client upload appear automatically wherever you want on your website.

(Gary) #17

The new email notification is a great new feature and one that give customers confidence that the process has worked.

Is it possible to alter the text that is displayed to show something like “Drag prices.pdf into this box” ?

I would love to see an additional feature to do some basic validation of the file entered. In it’s simplest form, a validation of matching the one file name allowed would be really useful. I have been searching for a system like this for many years where a custom has to load one file which must have the same file name. I can’t recall the number of times I get calls from customers to say the system isn’t working and when I investigate, find they have loaded a cat video or something else. Dragging a specific name filename is beyond many people in my experience so a validation to check it would be most useful.

(Andy Moose Dude) #18

Does notification give you link to download?

(Stuart) #19


At the moment it does not. But if you think that would be useful we could look at adding it :slight_smile:

(Gary) #20

I see this type of stack having a lot of use as a CMS update facility for a PDF booking form or calendar of events or club membership form, etc. As an example, a customer might want to create one document which is their main working document to track and display booking information for a holiday home and needs to show when it is available, when booked and show the prices for each period of rental. To recreate this online is extra work and can lead to errors creeping in, so one document is the best way to work. So if the customer can load this main file to their site, the document (PDF) can be displayed and it will always be the latest information. Collect does nicely this and appears to be able to be styled to match the customers site.

So a way to check the file name being updated would be a big benefit.