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I need to enable a client to upload a PDF somewhere every 2 months “like he was able to in Wordpress”. that would generate a simple URL address. He then would link to it via the Quick Editor stack I have in the page. Droplet and Fileman I can’t get to work, even using Wills themes. Main site is built with Foundation. Any help will be appreciated.
i feel like there should be a simple solution but I’m missing it.
All the free upload sites seem to download “branded” results.
Just want the PDF.


Use @instacks Repository stack. Well designed. Can use it for many things in addition, but certainly serves your need here. Uploaded files/folders can get an easy link.

More at:


Thanks Matthew,

I had actually looked at this stack but 39.00 dollars for one use every 2 months seemed a bit high.


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Yes, that’s probably true. But it does the job. And it may be useful for other things. It all depends on what you and your clients do and need. I’d put repository in a “Top 10” of all stacks. Incredibly useful in lots of ways: your imagination is the limit.

Unfortunately I don’t know of a cheaper, less feature rich, option that will work.

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Try this from @joeworkman

I could be wrong, but I don’t think Dispatch will provide a URL for the end-user. I use it all the time in one of my sites (server dispatch), and all the user sees is that the file was/was not successfully uploaded. Maybe I’m missing a setting, though.

Thank you all for help but I did find just the solution I needed.
Simple pdf upload site, free, minimal branding, url link right where you need it to copy and paste into the Quick Editor stack. Called if anyone else has the same issue.
Thanks guys!

Not sure who you are giving the download url

You can stay on your own server with this free stack (donations welcome) of
Will Woodgate:


The original poster mentioned that he wanted a simple URL address to be generated. Dispatch doesn’t do that (or if it does, I haven’t seen the setting for it). Dispatch is, however, a fantastic way to allow people to send files to the owner of the site (or a Dropbox folder)

I actually tried those first and could not get either of them to work.
Main site was built in Foundation but created separate page to use one of stacks4stacks themes for best chance of compatibility but no luck.

I’d prefer to keep it on one site but wasn’t working out.

Fileman doesn’t create the file-manager as it would indicate.


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What couldn’t you get to work?
When you said either I’m assuming you are talking about @willwood’s Droplet and Fileman?

Either should be able to do exactly what you want. I don’t believe with either one you need to use any specific themes.

Tried them both. Contacted Will and said Droplet was never compatible with Foundation but would work with his themes. Could certainly be that I missed some vital part of the process but no matter what destination path I used, the uploaded files disappeared. No idea where they went. Awhile back actually got Fileman to work in a Foundation site but it was a little convoluted.
Still using Stacks 3 since being towards the end of this design, afraid to throw a new version of Stacks at it.

I use Dispatch and then Paperless…no issues.
Drag & drop and they are there…I just clean out the old stuff as needed.

I will take another look at Dispatch. I would prefer to everything on one site.

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