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I started a thread on this about a week ago but it already closed. Sorry for starting a new thread but I do have a couple of more questions.

I am in the process of redesigning the Media Hub and one of my goal is to use Sitelok to grant members access to the video or image file. I looked over the repository stack and it is a nice looking stack, can the repo stack be customized like changing the title of the columns or removing some of the colums? Example I rather have it say Date Added instead of Created on and I don’t need the file owner and group on it etc. Could it create a thumbnail of the image instead of using file type icons? If not then are there any other repository or file manager stack that does what I am looking for?

I read up on Sitelok and I understand it basic function is to lock page with php allowing only those with account to be able to view it but what about the images in the folder if they happen to know the direct URL link to it, will Sitelok lock those URL link too?

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I don’t believe that you can change the names in the headings on the repository stack, you can show or hide some of the columns:


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Thank you that helps to know.

No. SiteLok will only control access to php files programmatically.

That what I thought so then if I wanted to protect the files, I will need to store it in DB or outside of root folder using relative path to limit it to account holder only.

@TechBill for that you could use a plugin for Sitelok called Linklok URL to secure your files or downloads. Maybe it is worth a look. It should do the trick. I use it to hide the true location of links. After a pre-configured time the link becomes unavailable and gets replaced by a new one with the next refresh of the page.
Edit: Just saw you can lock the link to an IP-address as well. So, it should not be possible to share the link.

Can the Repository stack be styled via inspector?

Almost all questions are already answered on the product and tutorial page, also in the video:

Repo Stack brings its own Bootstrap Framework Layout and navigation bar, where you are able to choose between 2 different styles. Beside the various permissions and table column configurations, that’s all in terms of “styling”.

I am Deaf.

Videos does me no good unless either you add subtitle to it or host it on YouTube and see if it will auto-generate a good subtitle from it if the person in video is speaking with clarity.

Nevertheless you are able to see a screenshot of the settings, and a description that regardless which theme you choose, Repo Stack comes with it’s own.

I will take care that for all future videos, a YouTube CC version is also existing :+1:

I purchased the stack anyway. I believe it will fit our company needs.

Thank you for taking CC in consideration for future videos. YouTube does really good job generating CC now days and you can go back edit some of the word that YouTube got wrong.

Easier than doing the whole script when YouTube can do most of it for you! :slight_smile:

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