Download/uploading website cyberduck

(potted wires) #1


Can anyone remind me how to download my website, so I can upload files via Cyberduck?

I have the zipped website on Mac.

(Rob D) #2

If I understood you properly:

I use Transmit for this purpose, but I’m guessing the procedure is same or similar.

  1. Unzip your exported website on your Mac.
  2. Then, using Cyberduck, go to your domain on the server and open the folder public_html (this is the most common folder for most hosts, but some hosts may have it named differently – if you don’t see that folder, ask your host).
  3. And finally, upload the contents of the unzipped folder from your Mac to the public_html folder on server.

That’s it.

(Greg Schneck) #3

Do you actually mean “download my website as you say?” Or do you mean to save locally on disk (RW export) so you can upload site/pages via ftp?

(potted wires) #4

I need to export my site to a folder on my hard drive, and then manually ftp files using Cyberduck. Apologies for the confusion.

(Greg Schneck) #5

On the File menu just “Export Site” and then use FTP to upload all files.

You can export single pages by defining a local folder in “Publish” pulldown, selecting it as your publish output, and then right click the page you want to export in the left had page panel. Likewise, you can selectively publish (export) “folders” (parent pages) to publish by selecting the parent page (folder) to export it and all pages within the parent.

(Rob D) #6

You can also define a permanent destination for all your subsequent exports by going to “Publishing” and configuring your destination, as in this screenshot:

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Thank you for the replies. Just what I needed. :slight_smile: