Walk through using ftp client for updates

Sadly and suspiciously my RW 5.3.2 no longer publishes.
Is there any patient person who can give me a walk through using a free ftp client for dummies?

I offered to help you in This Topic But you have to tell me/us wht the problem is.

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I don’t use this anymore but its free and available on the app store:

viper FTP Lite

You will need to have all your FTP settings and password, export your site local.

For what it’s worth - this is what I know of the process:

Obtain your FTP login details (you will have input them to your RW when you set it up). Your host should be able to help you find them if needed.

In your FTP client there should be a way for you to save these login details so that you can open up the FTP client and log straight in to your web space on your hosts server.

Connect to your web space using the FTP client. When connected you should see a directory listing of the files and folders on your web space. Spend a little time familiarising yourself with the various directories so you have an idea of how your site is structured on the server. This structure will also be replicated on your Mac when you export your site to a local folder.

Make a trivial change to your site, perhaps on one page. Then export that page to your local folder.

Connect to your web space with your FTP client and navigate the the local folder where you exported your changed page. On the web space navigate to the same folder. Then upload the changed file from your local folder to the web server folder. You will likely be asked for confirmation that you wish to overwrite > ‘yes’.

Once the modified file is uploaded - look at your site in the browser to see if your change has published.

In essence - the above process is what you will (apparently) need to do from now on. IE Export to local > Connect with FTP client > Upload & Overwrite.

There are further details, subtleties and techniques that I am sure others may add to this to help with everyday updates.
Hope this helps a little.

Best wishes.

Thanks for trying to help. Have managed to update using Cyberduck.