FTP publish says successful but no files were uploaded

I have my FTP info set up. Initially, I couldn’t get RW to successfully to log in, but eventually the connection test worked. (Weird, since I never changed any login info, but whatever. Side note, I also cannot get SFTP to work, even though I can connect via SFTP just fine with Cyberduck… maybe because I can’t set the port in RW? Anyway…) So I publish my site. All seems good, RW tells me it was successful. Great. I pull up the site… 404 error. I look at the folder in Cyberduck… NO files there. So what’s wrong? Why does RW SAY it published OK, but it never actually uploaded ANY files at all? Is there any way to get it to correctly publish, or do I have to manually upload my export?

I don’t know if it will help but you can change the port by adding it to the server information, e,g, ftp.thisdomain.com:22


Check your publish settings in RW and the path where you looking.
Maybe, not the same path.

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Thanks for this - specifying the port may help with SFTP, I’ll try it. What I didn’t realize is that the folder path in the FTP settings in RW is from the home folder, not root, so i had to remove the /home/user part of the path.

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