Downloading from App Store via website based link

Hey does anyone know what stacks to use to set up a download onto Android and ios phones from a website?

With just a normal link to the App Store?

A smart app banner?

There’s a Javascript plugin available with some more features:

No stack that I am aware of. But I can confirm smartbanner.js works in RapidWeaver, because I use it in a website for a client.

Even simpler:

Yes - thanks for replying

Here’s the solution I’ve arrived at. Unlike the Apple Developer link, this solution will work with both iOS and Android (what the OP asked for); whereas Apple’s variant only works with iOS. Packed tidily as a drag-and-drop stack. No complicated code or configuration required.

Perhaps more importantly, this solution won’t track your users and return data like star ratings or affiliate purchase links. So it’s perfectly safe to use within websites and webapps that need to be privacy compliant with laws like GDPR, DSVGO and CCPA. Everything is self-contained on your website.

Easily change the app icon and all the text labels displayed, within the stack settings. Choose to target Android or iOS or both.

You cannot change the style or positioning of the banner - for the simple reason that it needs to be consistent with the style guidelines Android and Apple have published.

As well as apps, you could potentially repurpose it to advertise music downloads and podcasts from the iTunes or Google Play stores too.

It can be tested in the iOS simulator within RapidWeaver and I have tested and confirmed it to be working on Android too. The download link for it is currently on my Discord live chat if you want to try it.

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Thanks for your response. I went into discord but couldn’t find it do you have a link to the right page please. Sorry to be a pain.




Ive managed to down load smartbanner.js - how do I get it into Rapidweaver?



Ive downloaded smarbanner.js - how do I get it into Rapidweaver? Thanks for your help.



AppBanner stack release notes:


Thanks a lot


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