Convert a web site to an app?

(Bernard) #1

It strikes me that using a responsive theme on a smart phone once you have loaded the home page is the same experience as running an app so I was wondering if there is any utility for making a web site behave like an app i.e. an icon on the phone that you just run and auto updates of course.

(Elliot Jackson) #2

Hey @BernardMcGovern,

Do you mean something like the built-in “Add to home screen” option?


(Doug Bennett) #3

None that I’m aware of. presumably not very easy as they are totally different processes. iOS apps are built with xcode using objective-c or swift programming languages and have to be downloaded from the apps store.

ElliotEHJ above works well, by adding a icon to the home screen just like an app but the URL will open in safari.

(kris ) #4

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(Gabrielle Vickery) #5

I asked the same question some time ago, don’t know if this helps: Can we make apps with rapidweaver?