Drag and Drop Doesn't Work

(Simon Long) #1

Looked at the video tutorials, and the software doesn’t work as advertised.

Open a new project, add a page that is fine. Drag and drop from the desktop (text or picture), preview and all it shows is the desktop location (for example -/Users/simon/Desktop/brooks 1.jpg)

I used Frontpage on a laptop previously and iWeb on a Mac more recently, and so far, Rapidweaver seems to be a waste of money

Any suggestions would be appreciated

(Jannis from inStacks Software) #2

Which kind of page? Full screen screenshots of edit and preview mode help.

(Simon Long) #3

In edit or preview, drag and drop an image from the desktop and this is all that is displayed
/Users/simon/Desktop/brooks 1.jpg

Not sure a screenshot would provide much more information

(NeilUK) #4

Screenshots and links always help. The more information you provide, the more help the good people of this forum can provide for you.

(Simon Long) #5

Point is, the screen shot only shows exactly what I have typed.

The tutorial shows dragging and item from the desktop, dropping it on the edit page, and previewing. None of that actually happens

(Simon Long) #6

What kind of page? A home page

Add > All Plugins > Markdown > Rename > add content

(NeilUK) #7

Markdown requires you to use Markdown code. If you want to drag an image onto the page, you’ll need to use the “Styled Text” plugin.

(Simon Long) #8

Ok, thanks, will give that a try.

Maybe the tutorials should be updated if the information is incorrectly portrayed

(Jannis from inStacks Software) #9

No tutorial video contains dragging and dropping an image into a markdown page.
If a video had contained that, you would have seen that this isn’t possible.

This tutorial shows dragging and dropping a image into a styled text page: https://rapidweavercommunity.com/tutorials/getting-started/the-5-minute-site

(Rob D) #10

BTW, Simon, every application works in different ways. The fact that you’ve used iWeb and, especially, Notepad, doesn’t help you much when you start using a new app. Some time and patience is always needed to learn basics. Before that, criticizing a new app does not make sense at all.

(Andy D) #11

You’ve just been asked which kind of page, and told a screenshot would help. You’ve not said which kind of page, and all you have said is a screenshot wouldn’t help. What hasn’t helped is your response.

btw you’ll get the file path if it’s for example a Markdown or HTML page. Drag and drop works perfectly fine here…

(Andy D) #12

OK eventually the info was dragged out of you :slight_smile:

(Andy D) #13

btw, you really need to get the Stacks plugin, it’s a pre-requisite. And personally I prefer something like Foundation for complete control over design and responsiveness.

(Hans) #14

Foundation is really for people who runs homepage businesses … and for all who wants to make a totally personal website, I would say. If you just make your own and a few fairly simple one’s for friends it’s a waste of money. Foundation cost a good deal.

(system) #15

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