Drop Down Menu too long for page and doesn't scroll

I have a client site with a top level News Page which contains lots of Sub-Pages - each one with a news item. Each news item needs to be on a separate page as they are tweeted & shared as links.

Problem is, the sub-menu list is now too long for most screens. If they click on the top level page they will get a list of items in summary, but many people simply try to scroll through the menu - which isn’t scrollable. Anyone have a smart idea of how to overcome this.

http://gate-safe.org/ news is under the ‘Articles’ tab

This might not be a great solution for the user but, seeing as that looks to be the only section with a 3rd level of navigation, can the theme simply disable that level of navigation? You’d then force the users to go the the News page to scroll through items there.

Maybe something like scroll scope inside of a modal would work?
List the links to the pages within scroll scope instead of the menu itself?

The difficulty is Gate Safe understandably want the list to appear in the sitemap and if I disable the individual pages in navigation, they will not appear in the sitemap. Otherwise this idea works.

How do you do this with the main menu tho?

I don’t think you can thats why I said “Instead of the menu itself”.
I can’t think of a way to do it with out either breaking down the list into sub sections (and sub menus) or using the menu to call another page which holds a scrollable list of links which is what I was (not so clearly) suggesting.

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