Drop Shadow to Image?

Usual disclaimer here - sorry for being such a newbie.
Wanted to add a drop shadow to an image on a page. Figured out that I can do it by pasting this:

img {
-webkit-filter: drop-shadow(5px 5px 10px #7b7c7b);

into the CSS Panel of the page I’m working on.

Works great - just what I needed without having to buy another Stack. Trouble is, it adds the shadow to every image on my page. Is there a way to specify the image that I’d like to affect?

I know I can just add the shadow in Photoshop before bringing it into RW but I thought this was a good teachable moment for me and perhaps others.

Thanks as always.

Assuming that you are using Stacks already - you should be able to do this via the default/included image stack. Just double click the image and go into there should be a shadow section in the settings



Thanks so much!

I’ll sit quietly now.

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You could add a custom class or ID to your image Joe workman has a free stack that lets you do that. Then apply the CSS code just to that class or I’d.

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Great tip. Thanks so much. That’s exactly what I was looking for!

Appreciate the help.

check this…css image shadow tutorial