How do I resize and add a shade to an imported photo in RW 8

Hi there!
How do I resize and add a shade to an imported photo in RW 8? Thanks. Paolo

Hi Paolo,
it depends on the image stack you use. The basic RW image stack doesn’t give you the possibility to add shadow. In this case you should prepare your image in software such as Photoshop where you can size the image, give it a drop shadow and save as png (transparent background).

This one may do the job for you?
Or Joe’s Jack?

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Hi Hans, thanks.
In facts I don’t use RW for longtime, but I remember that with RW 6 basic was simplier to manage picture and shadows just right clicking on the picture. Or I’m I dreaming?

You can try this

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RapidWeaver 8 with stacks 4 changed the default image. When you drag an image onto a page now (RW8, stacks 4) the image is placed in the new ”site image” stack.

This stack offers much greater performance, and will place the image inside RW8’s revamped resource drawer. It will use the same image no matter how many times you use it on the site, allowing the browsers to cache the image and only have to download it once.

The controls to add shadows and more, aren’t available on this new stack. If you want you can use the older ”image stack” that still comes with stacks 4. It still has those controls. You just need to drag the regular ”image stack” onto the page first, and then drag the image into that stack.

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I wasn’t dreaming, but I did a mistake, to open the window and resize, or shade a pic, I had should DOUBLE clicking on the picture, and this was much easier and better. Luckily I saved the older version of RW 6.3 and I’ll try to go forward with that. Honestly I have no idea about stacks you said. But I’m disappointed.

What Doug explained was that Stacks v4 has two image stacks included. Image and Site Image. Image is the one you’re used to using and has the extra controls you posted. The Site Image stack does not have those. As Doug explained, Site Image is better to use for performance reasons.

With Stacks v4, when you drag an image onto a stacks page (and not into an actual image stack), it puts it in a Site Image stack rather than an Image stack. All you need to do is place a regular Image stack on th page from the Stacks library and then drag your image into that stack. Yes, it’s a little more work, but not much and certainly better than going back to RW v6.


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