Dropbox & Rapidweaver

When I save one of my sites to Dropbox, I can’t choose a destination inside dropbox. So the web site gets saved with files scattered all over my dropbox. I have 4 new sites, its impossible to save more than one in an orderly fashion. How can you choose a folder inside Dropbox or Box as a destination? Let me know if you need more info. Thanks for the help, Aloha from Maui.

When you save a project to the Dropbox you should zip it before uploading.

Read, what @zeebe wrote about storing projects to the Dropbox:
Storing Rapidweaver sites on Dropbox

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not sure what is happening to you, but if you watch this video you will see it works just fine for me. Thanks @apfelpuree for the mention and link, something that EVERY user should read.

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I know that some users use the Dropbox without any problems but I had some customers I had to give support because the Dropbox destroyed their project files. So I would recommend to be very, very careful.

For synching between two Macs I use a sync tool like ChronoSync. That syncs my project folders and is very reliable.

Zeebe: I really appreciate your help!! I dont really know when or how I started saving the web sites to dropbox. Lol.
They were working fine out of Dropbox and one out of box… I had to go and restore deleted files from both, and they were working fine after restoring. I now have saved them to my desktop, I like to see them there, and I have a back up on an external drive. The video you gave me a link, I can’t get the audio to work… But, I won’t be using Dropbox or Box…
Aloha from Maui

Thank you for your help!! Please read my answer to Zeebe… I won’t be using Dropbox or Box anymore. They were working fine but I had files scattered all over my Dropbox… I dont even know when I started saving it there… I guess at one time I decided to see if I could work on my IMac, bigger screen…
I want to watch the video, but has no audio, any ideas?? Aloha from Maui!

There was no audio on my video, I used QuickTime to record it.