RW7 How do I: Sync with Dropbox

In the email RealMac sent me about RW7 they stated:
Sync your projects and addons across multiple Macs via DropBox.

I looked through the program, searched help, Faqs and forum for information but can find nothing on it. I want to utilize this immediately. Any and all help is appreciated. Thank you in advance.


Hey @JohnJ,

For your projects, please check this out:

And for your addons:

Hope that helps,

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Thank you very much eliot. This forum is my main reason for using RapidWeaver.

I have the same question. It seems the Portable Document maneuver could make the resources available if you keep the file in your Dropbox folder. But I’m not sure how this helps sync the site.

Let me briefly describe what I need to do, and perhaps someone will have a workflow suggestion.

I have a very simple three page site with only a couple of small jpg files in it. I work on it and publish it from my desktop Mac. I often travel, and may need to update something on the site from my MacBook Pro. So what would be the best way to access the project file while on the road?

At this early moment in RW7, an easy route seems to be to keep the project backed up on the server by choosing to backup every time I publish. I believe I could then download the project file to another Mac, work on it, re-publish, and follow the same procedure when using the desktop Mac again. Seems like it could work, but is a bit of a hassle?

It would be nice to keep the project file on Dropbox, and work, publish and save it from there. Then while on the road, I could just open the file on the MBP, and re-save it again to the Dropbox location. I haven’t tried this, but I would think it could work. Any ideas or comments?

Thanks, John

I’ve made my projects portable and placed them in Dropbox, and I put my addons in Dropbox. All is working fine with no other kind of syncing.

I am having trouble with this: see here: Can you help?

I would use time machine to restore the folder in it’s original location. I would then restart my Mac. Go directly to Rapidweaver and attempt it again. In my case I had the same issue. Rapidweaver had moved them to my dropbox though. I just copy them back to the original location and redid it after a restart. The mistake I think I made was I did not originally make a new folder in Dropbox so Rapidweaver just moved the stuff into the main dropbox folder. The second time i did I made a new folder name RapidWever Addons. All worked as intended the second attempt.

Hopefully people make sure everything is properly backed up before trying this. This way you are covered no matter what.

If you’re still having trouble, you can always move your addons manually