Duplicating a Page Marks all Pages as Changed - Or Does it?


On my fairly large site I often duplicate a page to add a new product page that is similar to an existing one.
When I duplicate a page the blue dot appears next to every page in the project denoting that all pages have changed.
I would expect this as the extra page will affect the menu structure.

I work on our business site regularly often making small changes to prices or adding an image etc and quickly publishing them, but In the past I have avoided adding and duplicating pages unless I had plenty of time because with all pages changing the total re-publish will take over 30 minutes.

I have just noticed that if the project is closed and then re-opened the pages are not all marked as being changed anymore. Only a few pages, typically those on which I have worked.

Is RW7 cleverly allowing for only the changes that need to be published (in which case why can’t it do it without closing the project) or is it a bug and I actually need to then be marking all pages as changed?

@SteveB yes, you are reading my post wrong.

I think this is RW’s Lazy Load taking effect, it will not fully load all of the pages when you reopen a project file. This is to “Speed Up” the start up process.