Duplicating page in RW7 creates conflict

Has anyone else experienced this?:

If I duplicate a page in RW7, the exact folder name of the page being duplicated is used as the folder name for the new page and thus a conflict is created because the page pointer links to the original page, not the new duplicate.

In RW6, the new page’s folder defaults to something like Page9.


Correct - you need to give a new page and folder name, it doesn’t automatically make a new folder as it did in RW6.

Thanks Dave, I prefer the old approach to be honest. Sometimes I just want to duplicate a page quickly and test some stack configurations without having to worry about duplicate folder names.

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Wow, this is not a good new feature. Especially for novice users. And for anyone it can be easily missed. The RW6 way to naming duplicated folders is much safer.

I agree 100% Mathew. I have opened a ticket with RM so let’s see if this was perhaps unintended or a new approach.

Mmm? - I found duplicating a page needed a new folder name when testing the RW7 Beta, caught me out at first but soon got used to it.

Just re-visited this and now if I duplicate a page in 7.0.1 a new folder is automatically created - which is what you wanted - so why isn’t it doing it for you?

Edit - In some projects I open you’re right - it keeps the original folder name, in other projects it automatically creates a new folder - weird!

2nd edit! - If I’ve not renamed the folder and left it as page 2 or page 3 a new folder is automatically created with a page number + 1 - if I’ve renamed the folder it keeps the original folder name.

Weird, I am on 7.02 though. Still, one would expect consistency from one project to another if not between versions of RW.

UPDATE: FYI, RealMac has responded, saying that this will be fixed in a future release.


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