Strange issue with partial

I have a partial on a website and when I change the content and click ‘Back’ - the page that I’ve selected the partial from shows the blue spot showing that it has changed, but the other page that has the partial on it hasn’t changed it’s status. When I go to this other page and check it out, the partial’s content is showing the new content.

It’s no huge deal as I can just publish both pages separately, but this didn’t used to happen. Before, if I changed any partial, any pages that had that partial on it also showed as changed in the left hand panel with the blue spot.

Using Foundation, RW 7.1.7, & Stacks 3.2.6 - website pages with the partials are: and

This is, unfortunately, a known bug. Actually a limitation of partials inside of RapidWeaver 7.1.

I’ve been working on a solution to this – but it will not be this week, I’m afraid.

To be specific: the problem is that RW 7.1 doesn’t load all of your pages when you open the document – only when you actually go look at those pages. so some of those pages are still “asleep”.

There are a couple workarounds that you can use:

  • If you find that some of the page content isn’t getting marked with the blue dot – then just mark all the pages. Choose “Mark All Pages as Changed” from the File menu. This won’t re-upload things – but will ask RW to check all the pages to see what it should upload.

  • You can also do a local export of your site to your hard drive using “Republish All Files” – to a local folder. If the site is small this can be quite fast – and because it will visit all the pages – they’ll all be awake from that point forward and will behave just like they did back in RapidWeaver 7.0 and before.


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Thanks for the reassurance Isaiah - at least it’s not something I’ve broken!