Dynamic folder resource

(Andrea Vitali) #1

It would be great to have the possibility to have a dynamic folder capability in the resources:

  • if I change something in the finder, the resource folder changes it automatically
  • if I add another file in the folder in the finder, it is automatically added to the resources

(Brandon Scott Corlett) #2

@sandokandrea, I think the first bullet point is already true.

RW currently creates an alias for the file and then pulls the file when uploading to the server. If you make a change and want it to upload the new version then you would go to File->Mark All Pages and Resources as changed or use the shortcut Shift + Command + M

(S Goodwin) #3

I can confirm that @BrandonCorlett is right about the first point. As long as you don’t alter the file name you can adjust the file itself and next time you publish it should update. For example this allows me to retouch/switch out images within a my Themes default slideshow.

I too would like to see your second point applied as it would mean I can add photos to the folder in Finder and they would be automatically added to the gallery/slideshow without any further work.

(Brandon Scott Corlett) #4

You should check out Total CMS’s Gallery stack

(S Goodwin) #5

Thanks @BrandonCorlett. I plan on having a look at Joe’s Total CMS when I have a spare couple of days to get my head around it and how I could apply it to my site.

(Andrea Vitali) #6

If I change a document and preserve the name then I know it works.
If I add a picture, I should transfer it in the resources as well @sgoodwin exactly this is what I mean when I talk about dynamic folder