Add Images from Resource Folder

I’m not sure what the point is of being able to add images to the Resource folder, but then not being able to use them by dragging and dropping onto a stack.

Is there any way to do this? Here’s a previous question which recognized the problem. Apparently it hasn’t been fixed: Question about image in RW resource vs drag and drop

@mokane99 You need to have a quick look at Rapidweaver’s documentation. The resource folder is designed to hold not only images, but videos & music. You can’t drag and drop them back into a stack. They are applied to the page using the algorithm %resource(myimage.jpg)% So you have to select “Link” in RW which will enable you to set the link as “myimage.jpg”. All of the assets placed for use in resources will be in a folder called “resource” on your host when you publish.
If the stack itself has an image ‘drag & drop’ option you can, of course, use that and don’t need to place your image in resources.


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