Add Images from Resource Folder

(Michael Kane) #1

I’m not sure what the point is of being able to add images to the Resource folder, but then not being able to use them by dragging and dropping onto a stack.

Is there any way to do this? Here’s a previous question which recognized the problem. Apparently it hasn’t been fixed: Question about image in RW resource vs drag and drop

(Ken) #2

@mokane99 You need to have a quick look at Rapidweaver’s documentation. The resource folder is designed to hold not only images, but videos & music. You can’t drag and drop them back into a stack. They are applied to the page using the algorithm %resource(myimage.jpg)% So you have to select “Link” in RW which will enable you to set the link as “myimage.jpg”. All of the assets placed for use in resources will be in a folder called “resource” on your host when you publish.
If the stack itself has an image ‘drag & drop’ option you can, of course, use that and don’t need to place your image in resources.

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