Dynamic form field population

Hi Everyone

I have a site which I built using Freeway which needs virtually a complete rebuild so I will probably start from scratch and I am hoping to use Rapidweaver to do it.

The site is for a UK distributor of electronic equipment and is approx. 300 pages. They have asked about dynamic field population in the contact form. So, when a customer views a product page, there will be a link to “request further information” which takes them through to a quick form (name, email address, telephone). There would be a “which product are you interested in” field which they want to automatically populate by “seeing” where they have come from and placing the name of the product in the field.

I have told them that this is probably fairly complex but I wonder if it is possible and how complex it may/may not be?

I have suggested alternatives but they are interested in at least finding out if it is possible and what cost

Any help would be gratefully received!

Many thanks

You may want to check my Contact Form Populator Stack. It prepopulates text fields and text areas in the with built in Contact Form Pages.

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Thanks Jeroen, that is perfect! I have bookmarked the page!

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