FormsPlus - RapidWeaver Forms plus so much more

Hi RapidWeavers,

After a year of development, I am proud to take the wraps off of my latest stack, FormsPlus. FormsPlus allows you to build up a multi-step contact form or wizard for RapidWeaver. This is great for questionnaires, feedback forms, and more. That’s, however, not all. There is so much more to FormsPlus.

Upload styling

Easily customize the style of your contact form. Choose from 11 different layouts. All of which can be colonized to match your site.

All the Inputs!

All of the inputs are at your disposal. Everything from your standard text input to range inputs, date inputs and telephone inputs.

Range slider

FormsPlus have an awesome Range Slider designed by @willwood

Date picker

Need to collect dates? Need to restrict the date selection? No problem. The date picker is a new powerful tool for users.


Optionally validate an input as both required and type. For example, you can make an email required but also appear to be a valid email!


Want to send yourself an email when the form is filled out? No problem. Want to send a thank you to the user for submitting the form? No problem. Want to send a third email to the sales@ department? No problem! FormsPlus allows you define as many different templates as you’d like. Each template can do to any email address you prefer. Don’t want to use email? You can save the responses directly to your web host too.

Upload magic (e.g., WeaverBox)

WeaverBox was the only RapidWeaver plugin that support file upload chunking. This allowed WeaverBox to upload files up to 2GB without having to change anything on the server. Typical contact forms are restricted to 8 or 10MB.

I am happy to say that FormsPlus takes the same technology and improves on it. Not only can FormsPlus upload files up to 2GB, it also now supports mobile devices, groups uploads automatically by user, drag and drop support, and upload resuming.

Are you an owner of WeaverBox? Upgrade to FormsPlus for 50% off. Simply use the same email address that you used to purchase WeaverBox. Note that WeaverBox has now been discontinued.

For more information about FormsPlus and an online demo, please visit the product page. FormsPlus is available now via my online store for $29.95. Remember, WeaverBox owners get 50% off when they upgrade!

Your top dog,


Just purchased the stack. It looks very promising, but after trying to build my first form in a (Foundry) project, some things seem not to work :

  • I can’t add checkboxes in the “checkbox input” section.
  • the file uploader doesn’t show up when previewing
  • the 'step" buttons at the top don’t show up properly (I have made 3 steps, and only the first 2 are shown).
  • there is no help section at all on the site. The support page is complete empty (only the FAQ section has 8 basic items).

I think 30$ is a lot of money for a stack. It’s a bit disappointing that not everything works as I expected. Hope this can be fixed soon.

If you have issues like this, please open a support ticket. I am happy to investigate. Obviously I nor anyone else else testing the stack had experienced this. Please open a support ticket with additional information such as what version of rapidweaver you’re using, Stacks, and macOS. If you can also zip and attach a 1 page demo that has these issues that’d be great. Thank you.


Version 1.0.2 should address your concerns. There was a bug in the build script that generated the initial release. Sorry about that. If you still have any issues, please open a support ticket.



Thanks Gregory ! This update did it. No problems anymore…

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Looks great. Any chance of a pre-populated country drop-down?

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A neat idea. Would you be interested in a drop down (single selection), radio button, or a checkbox with multiple selections? All? Any?



For any use I can recall making of it (and most commonly, I believe, in online forms), it would be single-choice, drop-down - but others might disagree, perhaps. YabDab’s FormSnap has it, and I need to use it on pretty much all the forms I use.

Thanks for getting back to me.

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Another vote for single choice drop-down from me. Would be great if this country-selector could be localizable (maybe with an external localization textfile or with an input box inside the stack…


Ok, I had a few minutes today. I’ll put this into 1.1. Basic idea is that you can now add Custom options as plain HTML. You will have the option to choose from a default template including Countries, US States, Canadian provinces, Mexican states and Timezones.

First things first, any issues identified by users in 1.0 :slight_smile:



Hi, @barchard, we would really appreciate some form of User’s Guide, since not all functionality of your great-looking stack is obvious.

For example, how does the “Password Input” option work? I would like to use that option, but I can’t figure it out.

Yep. These are being worked on now. The password input simply masks what the user types. Just like a password form.

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@barchard – When switching between Theme Styles, styles 1-4 work as expected. When choosing any style above #4, the form shows only 2 steps, even when there are actually more steps set up.

I am using FormsPlus v.1.0.2, Stacks 3.2.6 and RW 7.2.1.

So, actually, it has nothing to do with password protection of the form itself?

Correct. These are just form elements. Other Stacks can be used to password protect a page.

Any issues please report to support@ and I will be happy to take a look. Please send additional info including what version of macOS you’re using too.



Version 1.0.5 is now live! This update includes the new Country select option requested @dudeneyge as well as options for US States, Canadian Provinces, Mexican States and Timezones. Full details are below, but thanks everyone for the awesome feedback!

You top dog,

  • *New* Pre-populated country list (via Select Menu)
  • *New* Pre-populated US State list (via Select Menu)
  • *New* Pre-populated Mexico State list (via Select Menu)
  • *New* Pre-populated Canadian Province list (via Select Menu)
  • *New* Pre-populated Timezone list (via Select Menu)
  • *New* ability to include full upload path for Form Submission template
  • *New* ability to include full upload path for Online Record template
  • *Bugfix* Warning users if Nav is place on left or right, form will not be responsive
  • *Bugfix* email input not being parsed in template
  • *Bugfix* [files][failure] not being removed from template
  • *Bugfix* Left Nav item overlapping content
  • *Bugfix* NavItems being cut off on mobile
  • *Bugfix* radio buttons being cut off
  • *Bugfix* Step height varies with or without sub-title

Hey! That was quick and efficient and responsive. Thank you very much

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You’re welcome.

Rob Hall wrote a review of FormsPlus! Everyone can read it here:

@willwood also blogged about FormPlus too!

I am very excited about FormPlus. From the reaction here and my mailbox, I think others are too :smiley:

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FormsPlus is superb, there’s no doubting it. Easy to setup, safe, reliable and masses of customisable options. Nothing else really compares. Contact forms, purchase orders, surveys, estimates, warranty registration, booking enquiries - it can do them all!

I published a longer writeup here about FormsPlus on my blog.

If you are on the fence about whether to get it or not, I’d say get it! You’d only have to use it in a single webpage and you would have recouped your costs. It’s that good.

Secret tip: If you hide the submit button in FormPlus and use ‘Static Stacks’ in your steps, you have yourself a brilliant step-by-step tour stack, to use for simple galleries and showcases.


This looks really interesting. Any way to have it export information to a MySQL database, similar to Formsnap?