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Hi Weavers

I am in need of rebuilding my company website with RapidWeaver. My current solution is a Dreamweaver site that is not responsive, and is tied to a FileMaker database to power the portfolio pages. This is where I need some help. My portfolio section s a very important part of my site, and a valuable sales tool for my websites design, video production, and graphic design work.


I have been trying to find the perfect dynamic solution to use with RW in an effort to create a nice presentation but I have only found static stacks, or e-commerce options. I thought I was on to something with Kuler’s MySQL stacks, but they seem to be out of business.

I thought of possibly using RapidCart Pro as a portfolio catalogue, but I don’t know if I will be able to get the kind of layout I want. M final option is going with EasyDB and a MySQL database, but I need to wait for them to realease an additional stack and pay $65 for a site lisence.

Anyway… I am open to other ideas.

How many fields do you need for each portfolio item? Total CMS blog could work really well for you.

If you need a lot of fields, then you could wait for Total CMS 2. It’s what I use to manage Weaver’s Space. It will be ready for release in 2019.

Here are two examples of what I need to recreate.

Portfolio section at www.roodsmedia.com


Vehicle listings at www.harwoodmotors.com

As you can see, Harwood Motors uses something like 15-20 fields to manage content and galleries for 300 cars.

My Portfolio only uses around 8-10 fields to mange content for 225 portfolio items.

What are the fields?

Some solutions may have limitations on how many fields you can have. However, you may be able to have a template for a couple fields that makes it very quick and easy to add and edit content for a design like the ones you have linked to.



Sorry for the delay. You could probably use the current version of Blog for your Portfolio. The Motors would definitely need to wait for Total CMS Pro. Its completely doable though. Perfect use case for it.

It’s less elegant but you could also have a single field with a template set up already, unless you need to be able to sort/tag all of those fields.

This isn’t the best example but there’s a site here that has an inventory of boats and trailers: https://gilligansboats.ca/inventory/boats/

The client wanted to be able to sort the blog by new/used, brand, and year. So those were my Tag, Category, and Author fields. Then for each boat, there’s a single text field that is pre-populated with the standard category of specs he uses (model, colour, package, engine, price) and then he adds whatever other detail he needs.

So, theoretically, you could do the same with your harwood site, where your pre-formatting a single text field with all the common elements (Vehicle, Price, Stock number, Mileage, etc).

That may be too limiting but could possibly work.

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