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Hi Everyone.

I am looking to replace my own non-responsive website with a new RW website in the new year. My old site plays host to my work portfolio and each item is managed through a FileMaker pro database. I currently have 200+ pieces in 4 main categories.

I am struggling to find an Online Catalogue / Portfolio solution for RapidWeaver. Something that would help me manage all my listings.

You can visit my current website and portfolio. My end-game is to setup the new site pretty much the same way with the same branding and content… but inside a responsive RW solution (probably Foundation Based).

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Many people use Total CMS Blog as a type of catalog system.


Total CMS would work well. Poster from Instacks would also work well, if you’re updating all from your own RW computer.


I will investigate all options. Thanks.

If anyone knows of any kick ass portfolios with RW please post the link. Thanks.

I am really liking Poster. I think that may do the trick. It has Pagination and that is something I am really going to need.


@thebugnut that’s a great solution - Poster Stack would be perfect for that :slight_smile:

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Architectural practice project portfolio using TotalCMS:

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