E-commerce & custom payment plattform


Is there a E-commerce plattform for Rapidweaver (preferably with no montly cost) that supports the integration of custom payment platforms?

The reason I am asking - is because I work with Hemp & CBD and currently a majority of the big payment plattform does not support this type of business yet - such as Paypal and Stripe. Meaning either that you won’t get accepted or risk getting closed down with no further notice…

I myself have very limited knowledge in back-end, API and such but I do have friends with that sort of knowledge.

Does any how the major e-commerce support custom payment platforms (such as Cartloom, Rapid Cart)?

  • Which one (or if there are several)

  • Is there any documentation that I can read.

Any help would be much appreciated

Have you tried Ecwid? There’s a monthly cost, but you can buy it annually. I’m thinking if you bought annually, they can’t shut you down. At least not without giving you some serious advanced warning (not to mention a refund)

We’ll all look back on these days and laugh that there was so much nonsense surrounding CBD, hemp, marijuana. Can’t believe it’s still classified as a schedule 1 narcotic (along with heroin) at the federal level. So ridiculous.

Any Processor can and will shut you down for breach of terms no matter how far in advance you have paid. You will need to find a processor that allows it, and that has an API you can use to integrate into a cart system.
Ecwid has an extensive API (although I have never investigated the processer integration part of it)
CartLoom has a monthly fee as well.
Rapid Cart does not but you would have to investigate if they have facilities in place to integrate your own processor.

There are tons of php shopping cart scripts out there that could be integrated into RW as well. Check phpjabbers.com or codecanyon.

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