E-commerce for selling services?

I’m interested in setting up a simple website to sell file-based services.

  1. E.g. the client clicks on “order here”, is provided with a method to upload one or more files, and sent a verification.
  2. The order is sent to me (even better if it can be logged into our CRM) along with the info provided (desired due date, etc) for processing.
  3. I do my work, then deliver the files back via a download link or similar with email notification.

At this point I haven’t yet decided where payment should occur, or how, but wanted to ask people here what solutions they find work well with RapidWeaver. I’m using Rumpus as a file server solution right now, with an “anonymous” login for new/one off clients and managed accounts for regular customers, and currently handle orders by phone and email. I’d like to allow at least some of it to go via the website and be as automated as possible. Our CRM is Daylite.

It seems both RapidCart and CartLoom are the main options used, but I’m not sure that those are really the best option when we really don’t have an inventory, but rather sell our service based on number of files, turnaround time, etc.

What I envision is a form on the site that has name, email, phone/skype (e.g. contact info), along with number of files, and a calendar popup or selector where they can choose when they’d like the work done by. I’m not sure if I’d want to send them an upload link, or a new form/upload page, or how would be best from a customer point of view (same goes for payment).

I’d be interested in hearing from others what solutions they’re using and what works.



Chilidogs new FormPlus stack seems like a good candidate for the first part. Maybe Sitelok for handle secure delivery of the files?

Probably a few different ways to go for payments…

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Thanks, I’ll check those out.