File upload / ecommerce

I’m building a site using Jovial theme for families and photographers to upload images to be imprinted into metal (neat process, outstanding results). I know RapidCart can handle the commerce but is there a way to integrate the process together (in order to upload the file, collect contact information and execute transaction and then upload the file). I want to make sure we capture contact information for obvious reasons to contact them when their work is completed, the file as that’s what’s required to do the work and the commerce information because its not a charitable organization! The group uses Office365 and have access to OneDrive and SharePoint

Keeping strictly within RW addons, you could use the excellent Formloom 3 to capture info and add file attachment(s).

Once successfully uploaded, Formloom can be set to automatically divert to your Rapidcart page where payments can be accepted. The process is the other way around from your requirement but would work fine. You just need to make sure that the payment and order are married up before you start work on the metal printing.

If you want all this in one place you would need to look outside of RW - something like Machforms would handle this. I have done things the Formloom way several times where I need to get information not catered for by the shopping cart plug in and can confirm it woks very well.

Very interesting @manofdogz … I own a Sign/Print shop and will be looking for a solution like this as well (very soon). I own both RCP 4 and FL3 but I haven’t had time to work on this unfortunately :worried:

@lboyd have you tried contacting @rob or @gibo about how we could do this with RapidCart Pro? They are excellent developers.

A “file upload” cart option is in RapidCart Pro to-do list, but at the moment we have no time plan for the release.

Darn it that would be awesome! Looks like you have a couple customers ready here!!