Easy CMS and 'action' stacks

I’m finding that when I add the CMS Admin stack to a page other ‘action’ stacks are likely to have problems when published - although in Preview they appear OK.

So for example, I have a training course overview in the Easy CMS text stack and an ‘Apply Now’ button which takes interested parties to an application form. The overview is also within a ‘Print This 2’ stack.

In Preview all appears fine but when published the ‘Print’ stack has gone and the Buttons are text links.

Here’s how it looks without CMS: http://kikk.co.uk/bedonwell/counsellor-training/level-3-training/

Here’s how it looks with CMS: http://kikk.co.uk/bedonwell/counsellor-training/level-2-training/

Any assistance welcome.

What happens when you remove the Doobox’ PrintThis stack - do the buttons re-appear in the correct place?

Just the same. Odd that they appear in preview…

It looks like you have a few JS/CSS errors on your page in the ‘with CMS’ link. I wonder if something just isn’t getting loaded. Have you tried to re-publish all files?

I’m just noticing the same thing - more to this than meets the eye. I’ve been adding different buttons and then a home-created link button with no JS and nothing is changing after publishing… I’ve republished several times to no avail.

Just deleted entire folder and republishing from scratch - see what happens now.

Seems to be some publishing error here. Have just deleted the contents of bedonwell folder. Now it refuses to publish - window says ‘publishing complete’ but inside says ‘couldn’t upload to ftp server’ and won’t let me close as ‘cancel publishing’ is greyed out. Going to be one of those days grrr

Going off of some of the other conversations lately, right-clicking and selecting ‘Publish Page’ might be worth a try instead of a Republish All (or ftp’ing, as well).

Nothing new I’m telling you, I’m sure! :slight_smile:

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Or maybe try switching to a different theme to see if that makes a difference?

Pleased to say these errors have nothing to do with Easy CMS :slight_smile:

After a Force Quit & restart I republished everything completely from scratch (to an empty folder) and all is now good. I’m none the wiser as to where the publishing error crept in however. Previous publications all appeared to go fine but the page didn’t change.

The CMS page I am working on is a duplicate but I was careful to rename the original and ensure I didn’t have 2 folders with the same name on the server. I also did a complete re-publish at the start.

I’m seeing reports of publishing errors in 7.4 so maybe the problem lies within there but all the other projects I have published since 7.4 has been fine. Mystery…

The final oddity here is that, even when the buttons disappeared, they did leave working text links… so it can’t all be publishing errors. Even bigger mystery…

Thanks for the input guys - always appreciated

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I will if the problem re-occurs. Client is happy with this one so loath to change completely!