Publishing problem RW 6.4, Stacks 3.2.7 - some stacks not publishing fully

Sorry for a dull opener, but having spent two hours trying to publish our new look site, I’m all out of perky titles!

I’ve updated an existing site, and whilst most of what’s now showing online is correct, some stacks aren’t operating as they should be, which makes it look pretty rough.

I’m using RW 6.4, with Stacks 3.2.7. The main problem is the homepage, which is all just wrong.

Everything looks great when in RW Preview mode, and when I “preview the page in Chrome” through Rapidweaver.

Before publishing, I deleted all of the old site’s files from the 123-reg server. After publishing, I opened in my website through the server, and again it all looks fine.

I’m trying to be logical as to where the problem is, but am now officially stumped! Would be so grateful for any thoughts!

Best wishes, Heather

What is working incorrectly? I wonder if you’re viewing a cached version maybe? Nothing jumped out at me on your homepage

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Oh dear Lord. I don’t believe this. I was just checking the links I’d put in my posting, and the site’s working perfectly now!!! Clearly logic was the wrong approach - I just needed vibes from the forum!!!

Apologies! Heather


Thanks for such a speedy reply, Jabostick - freakily, as I was checking the links from my posting, the site is now showing up exactly as it should. That’s two hours of my life I’ll never get back!!!

Happens to the best of us!

Hi Guys,
Im not a developer, and know not much about building sites etc. but ive managed to create something. Now trying to publish it and its all wrong, can someone help pls?
I have hosting with goDaddy and using Rapid weaver 6 and page looks like this
its a Streamline theme MichalDavis

i suspecting I need a new software but any other sudjestions, please??
Many thanks


Have you tried Republish All Files? I’m wondering if one of the files didn’t get published. Also, double check that there aren’t any theme updates. You should be able to do an order lookup on Michael David’s site and get the latest link from there.

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@jabostick is correct, your site is missing a ton of stuff and best way to get it back is to republish all files. You can see the errors in the Safari Inspector.

thanks. ive been doing that and no luck…

ok, so i dont know what to do anymore…
Ive got new streamline link, ive donloaded it and republished my page loads of times and is not working, ive talked with godaddy and evrtyfhing seem to work fine.

what else can be the issue… please? anyone?

many thanks


Have you changed anything on your page? The server shows the files last updated August 2nd on your home page. If So your republishing is not working. May want to double check your publishing settings, something like the wrong path may cause it to look as if it published OK but did not end up where you wanted.

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hi ,thanks,

I ve been republishing files and trying different details, domain etc. I must say, even when I have changed the path and ftp details after files are published and msg pops in …visit your page…it takes my to my old domain
… so defo something must be wrong there…
Ive followed instructions how to published my web on other forum topic, contacted goDaddy for more info …but they not very up for it…

Im thinking about something else…maybe you will know the answer…

when you buy a new domain…do you have to set up the ftp account for it, please?
I did that for my other domain which was pointing to goDaddy…but now Ive got domain with goDaddy but I’ve not changes Ftp account…

what you guys thinking, please?

Many thanks


I have never used GoDaddy, I know they offer different types of hosting Linux based and windows based. For an addon domain, you would have to have at least a path pointing to a different directory(folder) for the document root.

GoDaddy’s help on adding a domain for Linux Hosting (cPanel) Help:

I think that message will take you to the URL you specified in your settings>general>web address.

I think for additional help it would be great if you could specify what type of GoDaddy hosting account you’re using, as well as some screen shots of your FTP settings in RapidWeaver.

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Hi, all done, thank you for your help. It was problem at Godday…end.

I hope you don’t mind me asking one more question.
Not sure how to find a topic in all research…

Basicaly, how can I personalised http…in rapiweaver…

for example

I would like to published, or share link from my page…

…but I don’t like… /page4/?post=…

so how can I cut that or change into different wording…

many thanks