Easy CMS and having users set image links

I know that it’s possible to set a link on an Easy CMS image within RW.
Ideally I would like to give the user the option to edit this link so wondered how, if possible, this could be done?
Ta for any suggestions.

Meaning you want the user to be able to decide which URL you go to when an image is clicked?

You can do that with macros. So, in the URL field in the link inspector, instead of putting http://www.example.com, you put %cmsText(cmsid)% (using whatever your CMS id is). Then on the admin side, create a Easy CMS textbox with a matching id, and that is where the user puts their URL.

One thing you have to be careful with - if you think the user might enter URLs as simply www.example.com (without the http), then you should put http://%cmsText(cmsid)% as your URL

Many thanks for this Jason and I have given it a try.
All is configured, I think, as you’ve described.
Upon testing the result:
Just now the resultant page is displaying as a line of text (just above the image) the hyperlink which I have attempted to add to the image via the admin page. The image itself is not linked.

Any further thoughts on this would be most welcome

I’d have to see your setup. Sorry I’m not at my RW computer to pass along a screenshot…

OK thanks anyway Jason. Will persevere! D.

@Davy sent in a ticket about this and I figured it out for him, but thought I would share that here so other people who might want to do this will know how.

First, you have to change the EasyCMS Text Editor for the text stack to Markdown.

Then in the link settings of the Image stack

You need to add the CMS Macro for the text stack,

Then it should work without issue. You can see a test page here
and you can download the project file for that page here:


Perfect. Now working for me. Many thanks Robb!