SEO and Easy CMS

I would like to know if with Easy CMS is possible to create an admin page to give to the website owner the possibility to edit some metadata of website pages, like meta-description and meta-title.
Is it possible?


Yep, you can do that using the “macros”. And you would place the macro in the Title and Description fields in your Page Settings. So, it might be %cmsText(home-title)% and %cmsText(home-description)% for the Title and Descriptions for the home page. Then repeat for the other pages of the site. (Sorry, not at my RW comp to give you screenshots)


You can use the same process with macros for other settings as well - I’ve used it in the link inspector to make so that the user can change the URL of a button, for example. It’s pretty handy

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Hi Jabostick,

I tried to use macro for the meta tag but maybe I’m doing wrong something.
When you have time could you tell me exactly the steps to set the meta tag with Easy CMS?

Thank you very much!


Maybe, I’ll throw it back on you. Can you do a screenshot of what you have? (If it can wait until this evening, I can show you some screenshots. It’s easier to show than describe)

You’ll need to make sure that there’s a CMS Core stack on any page that has a macro on it. And ensure that the ‘Process Macro’ checkbox is ticked

I’ve been able to create tags. Thank you for your suggestion!

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