Creating hyperlinked images in Easy/Total CMS

(Rob Loomis) #1

Hey guys,
Because I’m still working through the How-to’s of Easy/Total CMS, wondering if anyone could give me some basic instruction or let me know if it’s possible to create hyperlinked images using these systems? Client wants to have 4 images across the bottom of their site (example: to send people to different areas of their webpage. Using the image upload stacks for the CMS allow for image placement but not hyperlinking the images.


And thank you!

(Joe Workman) #2

The CMS image stack has the ability to add a link to the image. Have a look in the settings.

(Rob Loomis) #3

Hey Joe,
Good to hear from you. Thanks for chiming in on this.

Although that is a work-around, it doesn’t give the client the ability to edit the link - which still kinda ties my hands to having to update the backend for them. Any chance you are looking to add the client-side ability to add/edit links to images in the future?

Thanks dude.

(Joe Workman) #4

Make a Text CMS area call it “link1” then inside the link, you can simply use the CMS macro… “%link1%”

(Rob Loomis) #5

Sick. Sick. Sick. I’m so in love with this freaking CMS I could almost start getting excited about the San Jose Earthquakes… Ok maybe not.


But really, so freaking cool Joe. Really.

(Joe Workman) #6

LOL!!! Dream on mate… Quakes are going to slaughter this year! Even with our new ugly-ass away kit…