Creating hyperlinked images in Easy/Total CMS

Hey guys,
Because I’m still working through the How-to’s of Easy/Total CMS, wondering if anyone could give me some basic instruction or let me know if it’s possible to create hyperlinked images using these systems? Client wants to have 4 images across the bottom of their site (example: to send people to different areas of their webpage. Using the image upload stacks for the CMS allow for image placement but not hyperlinking the images.


And thank you!

The CMS image stack has the ability to add a link to the image. Have a look in the settings.

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Hey Joe,
Good to hear from you. Thanks for chiming in on this.

Although that is a work-around, it doesn’t give the client the ability to edit the link - which still kinda ties my hands to having to update the backend for them. Any chance you are looking to add the client-side ability to add/edit links to images in the future?

Thanks dude.

Make a Text CMS area call it “link1” then inside the link, you can simply use the CMS macro… “%link1%”


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But really, so freaking cool Joe. Really.

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