Easy cms - editor for text-fields has a character limit?

I currently try to move content from one cms-system (pulse) to another cms-system (easy cms). Everything was running smooth, but in some admin-text-fields of easy cms, the content is not displayed after saving and reloading the page. After some try and error, I found a relationship between the character count in that field and the empty editor for that field. The content seems to vanish at about 6030 characters.

In detail:

  • content in entered into the admin-text-field of easy cms
  • content is displayed in the corresponding text-field
  • more content is entered into the admin-text-field and the mentioned limit is reached and saved
  • content is displayed correctly in the corresponding text-field
  • page is reloaded
  • content is still displayed correctly in the corresponding text-field, but not in the admin-text-field anymore
  • ( content can be found in the text-file of that field under /cms-data/text/content-name.cms )
  • if the amount of content is going below the limit, it is again displayed in the admin-text-field of easy cms

So, is there a natural limit for these text-fields, or can I maybe change the limit? Is this a bug? Sadly, I cannot reduce the amount of content and splitting would be an annoying thing to do in this case.

Any help or suggestion would be appreciated.

Tested this on another project with the same result. As soon as the content reaches more than 6030 characters, the admin-editor-field for that content stays empty after a reload. Even when the entered content is saved in the cms-data directory. This seems to be a bug, as I found no indicator or limit for the number of characters in a text-field.
When I add more content into the file directly, it is displayed in the corresponding cms-field correctly, but still nothing is shown in the editor (easy CMS admin - text) field. Maybe @joeworkman can confirm this, please.

Following Versions were used: RapidWeaver7 with version 7.5.6 with Foundation Theme 1.8.1 and easy CMS version 1.3.1. The Foundation stacks show version 1.8.0 and all Starter/Addon Packs Version 1.8.3.

Its a limitation in the current version. Its already been fixed in v2.0. It actually required a complete rewrite of the app to fix this one.

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Damn… That’s a major drawback for me, guess it’s back to pulse cms then. Thanks a lot for the info! …or is there a workaround? I assume total CMS has the same limits, right?

Can you tell, if the upcoming version will be compatible? I mean, if you can easily move from version 1 to version 2 without changing and replacing all cms-stacks on every page. This would be important to know, because there will be a few hundred cms-stacks in this project. I will make the jump to version 2 not only because of the limit in the text-field. This CMS is simply the best and most flexible thing for this project. But if everything has to be replaced with the new stacks later,… It think it would be better to wait.

Wait. Total CMS 2 will require a redo. Its a completely new CMS.

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Ok, thanks a lot. Then I have to wait. Patiently waiting for version 2. Gosh,… this will be the hardest part!

And thanks for the great work. This CMS-stack is absolutely amazing! Even with the limit, it is simple to use and a marvellous tool. Why didn’t I find this sooner. Much work would have been soooo much easier. A really nice stack!

Best Regards


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