Easy CMS text not working * Solved*

Finally have a client that wants to edit sections of their website directly so have the chance to try Easy CMS. No problem adding an image to the admin area and it appears where it should. Text however is a different matter. After several hours messing around, the only text visible is the macro.

Checks I have already done:

  • PHP 5.6 is running with Curl and gd enabled.
  • Permissions for CMS & CMS data are set to 777 (for now anyway)
  • index.html page has been deleted so there is only index.php
  • Text is being saved and red box disappears. however, the tick does not appear and the circle continuously goes around.

Any suggestions much appreciated - have client waiting!

Have a URL for us to see?!

kikk.co.uk/admin - text should be seen on the CMS page.

When you look on the server in the cms-data folder, can you see the text you’re creating there as a series of individual files with the unique name you’ve given each one?

Hi Rob. I can see 2 correctly named .cms files in cms-data > text folder - both oddly described as pixelmator.app documents. These also appear in the backup folder.

and - as mentioned - images are no problem at all!

I’ve used Easy CMS on about three projects now and it’s really well behaved. And if I can do it…:wink:

If you want to zip up the Admin page and one of the content pages and send it over I’d be happy to take a look and see if anything jumps out at me.


I answered your support ticket, but thought I would post here as well. With the 1.3.0 update to Easy CMS, you need to put the CMS Core stack on each page. That page does not have the CMS Core stack. Add it to the page. Surprised it works for you at all.

Hi and thanks. As per the support exchange I had just noticed it. Problem is the older version of Easy CMS in the original tutorials didn’t have an CMS Core, only an Admin Core and it simply didn’t register! I need to be more observant.

So for any newbies looking at this thread, you must add an Admin Core Stack to every Admin Page and a CMS Core Stack to every page you want the CMS content to appear.