Easy CMS for images?

I am looking for a stack that will make it easy for a client to add images. Either a stack or something where they can just add images to a feed that shows up on the site?

I’m using godaddy as my server. If that matters.

Easy CMS would let you replace a set of existing images (or existing image slots) that you have on your site but it can’t generate a feed. You’d need Total CMS for that. You could also try something like Gallery 3 and Repository (both from Instacks). I’m sure there are others, but that combo came to mind

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I have easy CMS but never been able to figure it out.

I’ll leave the comment below here…but posted simultaneously with the above info in easy cms. :slightly_smiling_face: if your having trouble getting it sorted (ie to work) perhaps reach out for help here. In my experience total cms (I assume easy cms as well) is easy to get going once one understands the basics…happy to help.

“…I think you’ll find plenty of options. One would be joe workman’s total cms (easy cms, a paired down version may work too…I’ve not used easy cms only total). Anyway, their the ability to easily upload images outside of rapidweaver and display images (in various ways) is a strength of joes products in my opinion.”

Easy CMS is a great product and if you were to set up an Admin where the client managed a finite/predetermined number of photos, it’d work great. But if you want a running list/feed/gallery of photos that they add to over time, it wouldn’t be able to do that.

See if this meets your needs:


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@AngelArs thanks for posting that quick edit stack from one little designer…I was not familiar with it. Seems like a great little stack, it got the gears in my head turning :slightly_smiling_face: Perhaps it will help the OP?

With predefined image placeholders in the admin section you are also able to use easy cms in combination with Gallery Stack as a cms driven photo gallery. @robbeattie did this before as far as I can remember.

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I did. The client site isn’t available any more or I’d share it. Worked well, but IIRC it was limited to a pre-determined number of images (rather than a gallery that just grows and grows) and @tav had to give me some CSS to hide those empty image slots that hadn’t been used yet.

I’d be tempted to have a look at GoCMS. If you can discipline your client to follow a simple template, the standard editing section would work fine. If not, then the blog editing section might do the trick.

They make great stacks and they’re very reasonably priced. Great support also :slight_smile:

ah, forget about it. Ne’rmind. :man_facepalming:

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