Easy CMS text macros stopped working

My Easy CMS text macros stopped converting site-wide yesterday at


I’m running RW 8.2.1, and updated to Stacks 4 two weeks ago. Yesterday was the first time since the Stacks 4 update that I have edited and published any changes to pages on this site, apart from edits to the cms data via my Admin which worked fine until yesterday. I’ve tried deleting the cms-data folder on my server and re-entering the CMS data via my admin page, but the macros are still not converting. What else can I try?

It’s because easyCms has been updated a few times and when you published the new version got published.
Two or three years ago, the macro format changed from %cmsid% to %cmsText(cmsID)%.


Thank you Scott, that works. Much obliged for your help

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