EasyCMS Home page works...but nothing else


Using Foundation, Easy CMS, & PageSafe for my site. I’ve been staring at this with little sleep so maybe I’m missing something stupid.

My macros are working on my homepage but they’re not working on the rest of the site.

WEBSITE: rgefoundation.org

To get into the back office there is a “cogs” icon at the bottom of the homepage that you can click. I don’t mind sharing the login if you think you can help.

Thank you for any suggestions or help!


Notice the errors on the page like the following:

Unable to locate the cms file with the id favor_quote.

This means the you have not saved any text to that CMS area. Are you getting errors when saving content?

Hi Joe

No it’s giving me a green check saying all is good.

I’ve reloaded the entire site several times. The home page works fine. I’ll go make changes to that now.

Its the About_Us and rest of pages that is not working.

Shoot in a support email with the admin page details so that I can have a look.

One thing that you can try… Try removing the underscores from the CMS IDs. Try using only letters ad numbers.

Okay let me try that real fast.

Joe, just e-mailed the info to your support@joeworkman.net

Thank you for your help.

I see the issue now. I am not sure when I was seeing something different before. You do not have a CMS Text stack on the other pages. That stack needs to be on the page if you want it to process the macros.


I’ve decided that designing and 2am is not a combination that works well for me.

Thank you again!


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Hey Joe -
Having a similar issue, yet I have a CMS Text instance on every page. I’m trying to use the macro in the site title - footer & slogan areas of the General site settings so that each page has the information - and the client can edit it from the admin section. Works on a few pages, but then all of a sudden it’s not showing on the rest of the pages. Again, probably something obvious… Thoughts?

Rough mock page located at:
www.enduringworship.com (Passcode is 1112)

Some screenshots:
General Settings screen:

Admin Area:

Worship > Sermons RW Edit page:

OK, look at this page:
and then this one
you have two filenames. the first one is index.html and the second is index.php, you will need to remove the index.html.


Oh man. Total rookie mistake. Re-publish all after index files were made .php - Thanks Z!

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The latest version of Foundation has a duplicate page checker. Would have saved you on this one. Nice find Rob!

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Foundation is on my purchase list this week. Already have 3 builds slated in the pipes that I want to use for it. +1 for duplicate page checker. I used to make this same dang mistake back in the early days of RW. Totally should have looked at the server before whining.

Quakes are way better now that we sent you Chad Barrett. Seriously dude is an animal. He will secretly wear his sounders kit when ya’ll aren’t looking - watch out. :wink: