Images not uploading fully

Hi all, I have an issue where images are only half uploading. Half the image will be there and then the rest is just black. Also images are stretched wrong, basically they don’t look right. I’ve updated all stacks and Foundation and Rapidweaver is fully up to date. Any help would be appreciated. Thank you. Christian.

I don’t see in image issues on hat page, is it a different page?

Yeah, I do see the problematic images not loading or not loading fully. I think there are two problems.

  1. Your images are probably too big
  2. Wrong settings in RW make them look distorted

What format (jpg, png, tiff, psd) are they? What is their size (in dimensions and in file weight?

Thank you for taking a look. The images are .png and only about 170 kb. Settings are “scale to fit”. I’ve reduced the top image to 25%, this one is 1 meg. I’ve constrain the width and height to 1200 px for both. But the smaller images are uploading wrong too.

Thank you! Really appreciate the help

I think it is an issue with your images, and not the display of them.

If you look at this image: the original file itself seem to be missing the lower half, it’s not as if it is displaying incorrectly.


Although I don’t have an ultimate answer for your particular situation, I can tell you what works for me, as far as images are concerned.

  1. Never use PNGs (unless I need a transparency support). JPEG is the best format for photos, as of now.
  2. I make images same size as I want them to appear in a browser, set them to 100% scale and scale-to-fit. Never let RW stretch, enlarge or otherwise distort images. I do limit their maximum size.
  3. I make separate set of images for thumbnails (smaller size and lower quality, so that they load instantaneously).

Thank you. I was thinking this. But did not know about jpeg over png. Thank you

Thank you, that’s really interesting. The odd thing is that the upload before this the image was fine. I worry about each upload as it changes each time.

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