eCommerce integration with Square

Hi all.

Have a hand-built RW site, currently out-of-date. Needed to add online sales and some other functionality, at a time when my brain decided hand-crafted sites were too hard, got someone else to create a site. Turned out to be Wordpress and Woocommerce. Hate WP, no probs with Woocommerce, but hated the site itself, so never launched it.

Now I have brainspace again, and have upgraded everything and decided I can, actually, build my own site, esp. if I add some other toys such as TotalCMS for on-the-go updates.

But I have Square POS and inventory management and everything. It works for me. Adding another system such as Paypal just for website integration, and cutting Square out of my equation, will make things difficult.

As far as I can tell, the only integration that supports Square currently is Ecwid, but only in an “unlimited” account. At $USD990pa ($AU1400), I can’t even think of beginning to justify that.

Have I missed something? Should I be adding PayPal just for RW integration? Or, instead, create a Square online store, and try to integrate it into my website? (I’m not a developer, sadly, so I don’t know if I have the ability to play with their APIs:

(Note: I did do quite a detailed search on this topic first!).

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