Square for RapidWeaver?

Hi, does anyone know if there is any way to use Square to process payments with RapidWeaver 8 yet? I have searched previous posts and I can’t find anything recent about it? Is this something that is likely to happen in the future? As I don’t really want to start building my website with RapidWeaver if it isn’t compatible with Square. Thanks!

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Don’t think there is but would be good if a developer looked at this - square seems to be a good payment system

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If you use Ecwid as your store, I believe they have Square on their list of payment processors.

Thank you, I am aware of Ecwid but unfortunately you can only have 10 items on their free plan. Then it’s £15 per month which I just can’t afford right now as my shop is still new so I don’t know how many sales to expect.

Not that I’m trying to talk you into Ecwid or anything but you can actually fit quite a few more than ten items in your store if you can group items together and get a bit creative with versions/options.

I did a store for a friend who was selling ‘swag’ for a non-profit and he had about 15 items but 5 were different t-shirt designs and 3 were different hat designs. So we just had a single t-shirt item, with a few different options under that one item to cover all the designs.

Still might not be an option for you but just FYI

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Yes I did think about that but I would really rather have more items for people to look at rather than less. If it wasn’t so expensive I would just go with the Ecwid monthly plan

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