Payment options and customer perceptions

I’ve started to think about a site for someone and they’d like to be able to take payments - a deposit first and then the balance on completion of the work. The items in question are high class with a whiff of exclusivity and will be priced between £1,000 and £5,000.

So here’s my question. Does the team think that using Paypal to take payments will communicate a down-market feel to the process? I’m minded to use Yuzool’s Cart stack because it lets me build pages as I want and the client isn’t interested in updating the store themselves. I’d rather not use RapidCart (nothing personal, just rather not).

Or if you feel it’ll look better just accepting credit card payments, then how would you do it?



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We’re now using Ecwid, coupled with Square. We have PayPal as a fallback processor, and also allow for bank transfers, payments over the phone (via the Square website or app at our end), f2f sales using the Square terminal, or for getting an invoice (issued through Square) and payment options along with it. Of all those, I think PayPal looks the cheapest, but that may just be me - we’ve also had problems with clients from certain countries not being able to use PayPal.

You can see an example here:

Ecwid is cheap to run - an add-on to Square - and it formats well, I think. Our most expensive product comes in at around £1k in total, and nobody has ever had a problem with it. I do notice, however, that completed sales have risen since we started operating this way, than when we simply had an ‘Add to basket’ and ‘check out with PayPal’ option.


I like the look of Stripe as a payment processor. Yuzool has a stack or two for that. It’s relatively easy to set up, looks good, and doesn’t take you to a separate site to process the payment.

I like ECWID as well.

At the product price your client has, Cartloom seems like it could be an option too

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At the risk of stating the obvious - the processing fees at that level of pricing are likely to be the main factor. Last time I looked Paypal was 3.75%, Square was 2.75% and ECWID I think was a flat fee?

I may be woefully out of date but worth checking.

You won’t find Paypal on many luxury brand sites - partly because of brand perception but mainly because of processing cost.


Good point. That could be the old Ali one-two.

Products like Ecwid, Cartloom and Shopify all require you to have a payment processor like Stripe. With the exception Shopify have their own payment processor you can use instead at like 2.2%+20p I think. I would go for Cartloom (with their new storefront too) + Stripe (IMO better than PayPal and cheaper).

Yes, Stripe does look interesting. I could combine that with Yuzool’s Stripe stack and it’d be just like using Cart, minus the PayPal bad vibes…:sunglasses: