Square Payments from website

(E) #1

Am I right in thinking there are no stacks that allow for Square payments from a RW site?

(Mark Spaulding) #2

I use one from Yuzool works well.


(...) #3

Correct. The square API is very restrictive and there is little to no profit in it for the developers at this time.

(LJ) #4

Doesn’t work with Square does it?

(...) #5

No, sorry.

(Jason Bostick) #6

Ecwid has Square as a payment gateway, and Ecwid has an RW plugin (or you can just use their store embed).
There are some restrictions, iirc. You can take online payments using Square on the Ecwid free plan but you can’t connect to your offline payment/square card reader unless you have a paid Ecwid account, I believe.

(Mark Spaulding) #7

It works on my site just fine.

(David) #8

You are using Stripe - the question was about Square:

(LJ) #9

Your site has Paypal and Stripe - not Square

(Mark Spaulding) #10

Absolutely right. My apologies. So many of these things I get them mixed up. We use the Square reader device here in the office, not on the web.

Sorry for the misinformation.

(E) #11

Thank you everyone for all the input. Yes it gets quite confusing!

My client is a doctor wants me to schedule and accept square payments to her RW site.

Im reading through Square (square Appointments) https://squareup.com/us/en/software/appointments

Looks interesting … but other than iframe I dont know how I could build it into a RW page

(...) #12

Your options for Square are here. https://squareup.com/us/en/ecommerce

(E) #13

Hi Flash yes it all looks pretty good.

Im just not sure how to make it look good in RW

The Appointments aspect is pretty good. It allows them to book and pay and sends the client texts and email reminders. But I seem to have to press too many buttons when I just do the embed code they provide. I want to find a way to have the appointme3nst calander on my RW page.

(...) #14

Unless you want to get your hands into the coding by hand RW is not going to be a solution at this time. I wish it was.

If you want to code have you seen this page? https://docs.connect.squareup.com

But this does not have appointments that I can see.