ECommerce with Custom Metadata per Transaction Stack?

(Clay Luther) #1

I have a nonprofit foundation client that needs some custom eCommerce added to their site. They are not selling products yet as so much as sponsorships to events to support the client foundation’s goals. These sponsorships have levels and “perks” that go with them (think public television “At the 50$ level, you get a MUG!”). The client foundation needs to be able to collect specific information from sponsors (not just basic contact information, but things like desired seating arrangements, desired text in programs or on signage at events, etc) that are specific to each event - it would be best if this custom information could be collected in-band with the sponsor’s gift transaction. Currently, they have a simple PayPal button to accept sponsorship payments and use email to collect the sponsor’s requirements or asks - clearly a method that has been prone to errors.

Of course, the foundation would also like to be able to eventually also sell items like T-shirts and other branded items to raise money and awareness, as well.

The client is OK with a 1-time expense to purchase the necessary software to enable this. They are much less inclined towards anything with a subscription model, so something like Cartloom is not a good solution.

Is there a commerce stack that is both comfortable in JW Foundation and could solve these specific commerce needs?

(scott williams) #2

May not be of any help because of your restrictions on subscription, but I do this very thing for a non-profit using ecwid.
there is a small monthly fee (based on item qty and advanced features) but they give Non-profits a break. may be worth a look.

(Clay Luther) #3

I will take a look. Thank you.

(Jason Bostick) #4

If you only have a few items (10 or less), you can use Ecwid for free. I’ve found it very easy to setup and integrate with RW.