ECwid and rapidweaver sitemaps

For a short time I use ECwid a beautifull program.

But google can’t find the uploaded products.

I think i have to use 2 x sitemaps.

One from Ecwid and one for the rapidweaver pages.

I am able to use a ecwid sitemap and a rapidweaver sitemap how can i upload to the same sitemap at once?

Who is able to help?



Do you have links to the Ecwid products on the main site? Search engines (including Google) will follow (crawl) and should find those links and catalog those pages. Pages don’t have to be on a sitemap for search engines like Google to find them. Sitemaps are just a starting point for the crawlers (bots). Things in the sitemaps may get cataloged a little faster.

If you want you can setup and manage multiple sitemaps.


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