Ecwid, Rapid Cart Pro and Rapidweaver

I’ve been using Ecwid as a great platform to sell my thousands of items for several months now.
The platform is nicely designed and an excellent place to display the products quickly and it has an easy operating platform.
There is one very important thing that doesn’t work. That is the individual findability of the products.
They are not googleable. So they can’t be found through the search engine.
With the use of Rapidweaver and Ecwid as Stack, the categories of the Rapidweaver pages can only be found. In fact every Rapidweaver page ends up high up in the Googleranking, single products (Ecwid) cannot be found without Rapidweaver.
That hurts anyway because it costs € 100,- per month.
I have to say that they have a very good emergency service.
Hats off!

The URLs made by Ecwid are downright bad and not clean like the urls made by Rapidweaver.
For a fee I had a program made for the server, which I don’t think works perfectly yet.

It’s a pity that Rapidcart Pro can’t handle a large number of articles in the website.
Downloading the products and shopping basket took 25 seconds per page and that doesn’t eat up any customers. With the old Rapidcart I was able to update and modify a website every time in the past, unfortunately this is no longer possible.
The makers of Rapidcart Pro might want to have a look at how to make that combination with the old Rapidcart and the new Rapidcart pro version (Foreground).
Maybe this will get experts thinking.

Everything should be searchable by search engines like google unless you specifically Direct the search engines not to index a page. You might not rank as well as you like but the search engines should index the items.

Do you have an example of what you’re seeing not being indexed?

There’s often a lot (thousands) of products competing for particular search phases, and a lot of factors affect SERP ranking.

My understanding is that you can enable “SEO friendly URLs” for free. You didn’t mention the “program” you purchased.

You also might have a look here:

Hello @tonbreukers,

My Axyn Ecwid Stacks, by default enable cleaner URLs, and has an advanced setting for optimal clean URLs if you have the access to the .htaccess file of your web server.

Check out Marie Laforge Photography, done in RW and my Ecwid Stacks, with the advanced clean URLs enabled.

I can send more details later,



Yes you told me before.

My old website is

and my new one “not ready” is

For me it is clear that rapidweaver pages are found, individual articles in Ecwid not!

Other examples you may find in the menue.

Search for “snoepbakken" with google and you will find several pages made by rapidweaver and not the individual articles of Ecwid

Greetings Tony

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Just to say: don’t expect to get the same functionalities and performances from a shopping system which you pay 100 euros per month and a store plugin which you pay 70 euros una tantum.

Hello Ricardo i will study your stacks.
Of course i am able to my .htacces,

Do you have a nice better one?



Let me know if you have any questions.

I don’t understand your question below:



At first I made a RapidCart Pro page with filled over 3500 products when I exported to the server.
The PHP script couldn’t show pages or produts in a couple of seconds, it needed more than 25seconds to download the pages.

Is that what you wanted to know?

I haven’t used Rapidcart, so I can’t comment. However, I know that the Ecwid Sites load in a pretty reasonable time.

Did you check out the site that I sent you and some of the other demos on my website?

I’m not completely understanding the issue with Rapidcart Pro, but as a longtime user of it on many sites, some with thousands of SKU’s, I’ve never noticed a speed issue and the URL’s are plenty SEO friendly.

Be great if @rob could get it to work with UIkit3 :wink:


I agree @TemplateRepo, it would be great if @rob could make it work with UIKit3. There are clients there that don’t want to pay monthly bills, and as such RapidCart Pro, would come in.


agree… have been using RC Pro for years … have a few hundred products and no issues loading pages quickly… RC Pro fills a huge gap in the market for people who don’t want or cant afford the high monthly costs of Ecwid/Cartloom etc I know there are free/lower priced options but not if you have many products) so please @rob keep RC Pro active and keep developing it because its a great product!


No problems with rapidcart pro i bought it and will use it for smaller websites
but its strange that rapidcart didn;t have such problems but pro has problems with bigger quantities of products.

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