What does Google see in ECWID

A question I should have asked before I made myself a kids-t-shirts website is what is Google able to read from the ECWID store I have embedded?
It can read all the text in my stacks sidebar I assume, but what about the rest of the HTML embedded content?
I try and give my ECWID products reasonably searchable product descriptions, if that helps?
Thank you

Hello Tim! This is Razita from the Ecwid team.

Yes, product descriptions added in Ecwid get indexed by Google, and the more unique the descriptions (and product names) are, the better they will be indexed and shown by Google in the search results.
I have checked your account, and I can see that you added meta descriptions to your products with keywords, great!
Just in case, you can refer to our article about Ecwid stores SEO to find out what else you can do to improve your store SEO: https://support.ecwid.com/hc/en-us/articles/360000585949

I hope this information was useful! If any questions arise, please let us know.
You can contact us via email at support@ecwid.com or via live chats. We’d be glad to assist you!


Hi @timtempest,

As @razita mentioned, unique product descriptions, product name and meta descriptions are important to get indexed and better ranked by the search engines. Also, it is important to make sure that you Ecwid URL’s are SEO friendly.

Secondly, the SEO information information on the RW sidebar is also important. It’s good to have unique and descriptive page names, content info, even the snapshot of the page is picked up by Google.

Also, having a sitemap.xml file is quite helpful. RW generates a sitemap for your website, but not for your ECWID store. There is a free Ecwid add-on that can generate a sitemap of your store, which you can merge with the sitemap generated by RW.

If you are using the ECWID stacks, it’s easy to setup SEO friendly URLs. It’s done in the customizer stack, just set it to Advanced, and make the proper modifications to your .htaccess file.



Hi @Razita,
Thank you for taking a look, I really appreciate that!
I’m working my way through all your SEO articles… very helpful. I’m midway setting ECWID Google Merchant (as I don’t feel like doing all the social media stuff so I’ll take the ads route) and Pinterest links (header code etc).
The T-Shirt store is an off-shoot of my main Teacher Resources Merchandise store (same ECWID backend).
Thank you.

Hi @Ricardo,

Thank you so much too for taking a look. For SEO friendly URLs I am looking to remove the “…/#!/…” and “… /p/storeID/category=12345…”.
Aesthetically its nice to tidy the URLs up but I wonder if it makes much of a difference from Googles point of view?

Do I need buy the ECWID stack AND to edit .htaccess, or just do this via .htaccess? I was expecting to edit .htaccess only.
I’ve done everything without ECWID stacks so far by embedding any code that I need that ECWID generates. The item links and search box on my merch page for example are exactly how I like them. I don’t necessarily want all my categories shown as I have additional categories for each website. If my kids-t-shirts website generates sales, I’ll make one for pillows and cushions. Possibly that leads to what google would consider to be duplicated website content, so maybe not.

Long story short, I’m setting it up that I only draw things at the weekend then open Printful to push out my new work out to all my RW / ECWID stores (plus Etsy, facebook, Storenvy, Wish etc etc), and then pay Eciwd / Kiken to do the promotion as although essential it’s not much fun and takes time away from drawing.

Any further thoughts most welcome.


Hello @timtempest,

The clean URL are not just more asthetic, but using them, definitely have an impact on SEO ranking.
To use clean URLs you need not only to edit the .htaccess file, but also add some javascript code to your website. The Ecwid Stacks, make all that much easier.

Here is a link that can help you with that:



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