Edit html code from Microsoft Word

(James) #1

I’ve pasted a Word document into a RapidWeaver Styled sheet. I’d like to “clean up” the code that Word created, eliminate some of the line breaks , for example. I can open the page in Source view and see the code while in Edit mode in RW, but I can’t seem to edit or make changes in the code. I know this is a novice question, and a bunch of you will have ready answers for which I am grateful in advance.

(scott williams) #2

Normally, you would paste the text in, highlight it and clear the formatting, then format within RW.

(Doug Bennett) #3

You can also paste as plain text from the edit menu option+command+V. If the word document has already been copied, you can select it (highlight) cut it (command+x) and paste as plain text (command+option+v).

(Peter Danckwerts) #4

@swilliam and @teefers are right. Word’s HTML code is so messy that you’re much better just copying the plain text and then adding formatting.