RW Theme Editing

Hi guys,

When you get a theme is it “locked” somehow and more importantly can it be “unlocked”. The reason I ask is I can right mouse click an element but when I delete it in the code it just reappears regardless if the Master Page is being edited. So for example on the Yuzoolthemes’ Square I just cannot find how to either remove this item or replace it with one of my own.

Any ideas because I really like the theme but do not like that icon / square thing.

Thanks in advance…

James :-}

When you right click on something in preview and select the option to inspect element, you bring up the web inspector. Any changes you make are temporary as soon as the page gets refreshed it will be set back to the way it was.

The only way to make these changes permanent would be to change settings provided by the theme or customize with CSS overrides.

There are people here on this form that will help you but we would need a URL, Theme name and/or screen shots to help.