Can't save modfications


When anything (color, font, image, …) has been modified with inspector - ellements, it’s directly and correctly showed with preview but doesn’t remain, as soon as I am going to any page, it’s going back to the standard theme settings even after having saved the project or published.

what am I missing?

this happen whatever the theme


I have RW 7.2.2 and OS 10.12.13

If you’ve made a lot of changes that affect the whole layout and design, you might need to publish all files again. That works for me.

However, it might not work in your case.

nope. after publishing the modified settings remain for a second then the screen kind of switch off and then back to the previous settings…
this happens even if I change only 1 settings

It may not be obvious for newcomers: after every change to your theme Styles, you need to save those changes as a new Style (or update the existing Style with new settings). Have you done that before publishing?

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Yes, i just tried again right now, steps are:

  • on any pages or in master style as well

  • select text, right click and inspect element, web inspector, elements, under node:style-visual, go to style, modify style (transform to Abc from ABC) or color or font size or font

  • the modification immediately appears in preview (not edit mode) of the project

  • go to inspector, click on the icon next to meta tags, the one with the tick box "use master style (box ticked or not), then choose “save custom style” and give it a name, or “update custom style with current settings” and click update

  • new settings are still visible on screen but as soon as i go to any other pages (welcome, contact, …) i see in the bottom left corner that a “generating preview” is running and when it’s finished, … back to ABC (while the new custom style name still appears) or any other initial settings.

i am sure there is a basic setting to be done but the poor beginner i am is just lost…

may this be because i am using the “Split” theme that wouldn’t offer so much customisation?

But are you using/choosing that new style setting on the other pages? It won’t do that automatically.

no, just trying to have the new settings applied on one page (master style is enable on all the other pages)

i am going to another page and back to check if new settings are saved for the chosen page, but aren’t…

Confused. You said it doesn’t change on the other pages, so I thought you wanted to change on other pages? You only want to change one page?

Do you have “Use Master Style” unchecked? If not, then it will default to your Master style.

Can you provide a screenshot of your settings?

hope this helps.

Yikes :slight_smile: Which page are you trying to change? I’m seeing multiple screens shots of the same pages so not sure which? Can you delete pages not involved in your question? You said it was one page that won’t stay changed?

Sorry for that, i tried to give as much details as possible.

I am trying to modify the “WELCOME” title layout on the welcome page so that it will look like “Welcome” - that’s screenshots 1 to 4.

5 is moving pages going to “it’s about people” and back to welcome page…

of course i also have tried to save project or publish right after 4 with no success

Sorry, I’m not getting it. I don’t see a difference in the first 4 screenshots. The left side is completely irrelevant (the website), unless you’re talking about something else… This is about style changes, yes?

Title layout – do you mean the menu at the top? Are you just trying to change the menus, ie “WELCOME,” “IT’S ABOUT PEOPLE” from upper case to lower case? To make it “Welcome” or “It’s about people”?

If not, what options should be changing that you set and then saved? I can’t tell unless you circle something to show me.

oops sorry it’s 1:30AM here in Europe… i really appreciate your help and don’t want to bother you with unclear explanation

yes, i took the upper-lower case menus change as example but it’s also happening to any other settings as color, font size, font, layout, margin, image/header…

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I love solving problems and am happy to help, but I think you are confused :slight_smile:

Are you making changes in a browser and expecting them to change in Rapidweaver? Is that why you gave me screenshots on the left? That will not change anything in RW.

If that’s not it, feel free to try again tomorrow. It’s almost 5pm where I am :slight_smile:

Txs. You might be right i am confused.
I thought basically i had to right click on the element i would like to be modified (inspect element that is opening the left side of the screenshot where i can edit the said element), modify the specs and then revert to RW to have the change implemented.

I started all this because i wanted another background picture than the shoes…

If you can show me how to modify without this i would be more than happy.

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You can’t make changes that way in RW. You can only make changes in the edit window or the page styles.

I would suggest watching the free tutorials.

Also, there have been many posts about the Split theme and how to change banners, title/logo etc., so you can probably find answers to most of your questions about Split by searching this forum.


ahh, yes you are really confused :slight_smile: Hope this gives you an “aha moment”.

This has absolutely nothing to do with what you see in a browser. Forget about that, it’s irrelevant. You can’t make changes in a browser and expect them to show up in Rapidweaver. Rapidweaver project files live on your computer and have no way of getting changes you make in a browser. Any styling changes (or anything at all relating to your website) needs to be done in RW, with the theme settings. Then, when you publish, you will see changes.

Not sure how your theme works and the options available. You might need a different theme. The right part of your screenshots is showing the theme settings. When you are saving those settings, it ONLY relates to those options you see. For example, if you change the color of the navigation link to a red, then save your style, you will see changes. or, change the font family from Ubuntu to something else listed in the drop down. etc. Then when you save styles, it will show up on the page.

and yes, as @thang said, reading the manual or watching tutorials is a MUST :slight_smile:

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Just to add to what Lisa said (good detective job Lisa), if the theme doesn’t give you a direct way to change it in the UI, you can still use the page or sitewide CSS areas to override styling in most cases.

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Tank you all of you, yes I had been through all tutorials, I am following this Change the Banner Background in Tesla / Split theme and it’s not working - as previously said the changes don’t remain on the page I have modified elements as soon as I go to any outer page and back to the initial page even after having re-published all. So yes I am modifying the layout of my pages in RW with the help of inspect element css tool without success, as poorly described in my 6 screenshots…

maybe more self explanatory ?

sorry I realised I can’t join in this conversation a quick time screen recording…