Edit text that's linked?

I’m going nuts trying to figure out how to edit text that is linked! I can’t seem to get my cursor insertion bar in the text to make an edit without RW opening the edit link dropdown. Best solution I’ve found so far is to unlink the text, make the edits, and then relink the text, that’s not efficient.


Put cursor at end or beginning of link and use arrows to move over to edit… still not that efficient but easier than unlinking and relinking.


I would just highlight the linked text and retype it with what you wanted to add or delete. Editing between linked text like that could make it unlinked or even the text after the edit unlinked. I have seen it happen before.

It looks like improving this is a wish list item.

No, just the way it is, not sure it can be improved. When clicking on a link, it brings up the link sheet, that is what should happen. Editing it means you need to be careful upon editing. I would not think it should be handled any other way.

In fact, you should probably edit it this way:

  1. Highlight link
  2. Unlink it
  3. Edit text
  4. Highlight text
  5. Relink it.

This is the safest and best way to do it, and I do not see a way to fix it. I certainly do not want clicking on a link to NOT bring up the RapidWeaver link sheet, that would be just wrong.

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@zeebe, I will continue to do it as you suggest, which is how I have been editing them. Thanks.

@bruce I know this does not help you immediately, but you may want to consider using Markdown at some point. There’s a generic markdown stack that comes with Stacks. Using Markdown a link structure is:

[text for the link](full URL of the link)

This means if you ever need to edit it’s all treated a bit like “code” and there is no active link to work around. There are many other plusses to using Markdown: but only if you are happy with the CSS structure of your theme or you’ve tweaked it as you want so H1, H2, … paragraph text, etc. are already as you want them.

@Mathew, Interesting! I will try that sometime. Thanks.